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Amanda Cravioto

Born and raised in Mexico City, Amanda always felt elated with crayons and coloured pencils in her hands. Fascinated by the brightness of colours surrounding her daily life, she understood young that creating, colour and painting were her passions.


During her years studying architecture, influenced by Spanish painter/architect Jose Luis Marin De L’Hotellerie, Amanda fell in love with watercolours. She learned en Plein Air, understanding the exercises were not only about painting, but about observation, grounding and contemplation; a kind of meditation which helped her through the stress and pressure of preparing to be an architect.


Amanda has experimented with acrylics, pastels and coloured pencils, but she always comes back to her favourite medium, watercolour. Honing her skills during the pandemic, her goal is to transmit the mindfulness and grounding she experiences while painting.


Currently, Amanda is a licensed architect in Mexico, a registered interior designer in Canada and holds her PMP designation.



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