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A Community of Creatives

Mary Morganelli

Mary, an immigrant from Italy, her passion for painting surfaced at an early age.  She married and hung up her artist cap to devote her time to her family. After 40 years, Mary’s career as an artist returned. She refreshed her skills by attending an art course which she completed with honors.

Inspired by the natural beauty of Ontario’s landscapes, Mary, the artist behind Mariellart Gallery, has brought together her lifelong passions of painting and nature. There, secret gems of hidden ponds are discovered within forests, and sunsets leave skies in unbelievable bursts of color. These stunning moments have been captured on Mary's canvases to live on in their glory; this is her World of Colour.    

Mary's paintings tell stories, offering glimpses of peace, serenity and emotional while some were just done for fun.  With the use of different mediums and imagination, bright colors and texture, Mary adds an extra touch of expression to her paintings.



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