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A Community of Creatives

Grace Shi

Grace believed in animism of the world. Everything has spirit to show themselves in various colors with illumination. In her artworks the essential elements are the light. Light animated everything in the world splendidly, which talked with her, and expended a dynamical image to her. She has been endeavoring to explore the dazzling sense of the vision in her art field with different colors and diversity of style. She craves to demonstrate the composition of the objective on the façade of her artworks from 2-dimension to 3-dimension, where the light illumines universally, with her hearing, breathing, touching, and looking. The sunshine illuminating of life mixed media to trigger her inspiration of art. She tried to convey and translate life information into her artworks which recorded her feeling and meditation of nature, family, and society. Maybe no one has ever noticed her artworks in a corner of a city, but they are still there spreading little light to welcome you.




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